Website Promotion At Its Best

Promoting your website is an important and accepted marketing technique. It helps to increase traffic to your web site and consequently to grow your business. Web site promotion can be said to be at its best when the services rendered get your site listed on Page 1 of all major search engine results – for free. Is this possible? Yes, if done right. Of course, this needs a lot of patience and time from you. Web site promotion services are professionals who have all the expertise needed at their finger tips. But if you still want to do it yourself, here are some techniques that could lead to website promotion at its best.

Your top priority should be to make your site Search Engine Optimized that is make them come at the top of search engine result pages. You should identify all relevant key word phrases that might typically be used to search for your products or services and include them in important places like page titles, headings, home page and also ensure that all your web pages have enough key word density. If you have images and pictures with any text in the ALT tags that come with the images, include key word text immediately as search engine algorithms are known to index the ALT tag text.

Next is to resort to reciprocal linking. Web page ranking algorithms look for the number of inbound links into the page and consider their “quality” or “importance” to determine the page rank. To achieve a good rank and top position in results page, you can look for sites that are connected to your business. Tie up with them to display your page link on their site and vice versa. This is a good method to increase the number of links coming into your site. Before deciding on a website to use for your reciprocal linking, it will be a good idea to check the site’s page rank by using freely available tools like Google toolbar.

Another way to promote your site is by submitting articles on subjects that are relevant to your business to ezines and popular web sites. You will need to author articles and send them to be published on a regular basis to different sources. You should include your web site link right at the end of the articles so that people who want to learn more about you can visit you immediately. Social networking and blogging are two more techniques that can be used to promote web sites. In social networks like LinkedIn or Twitter your site can get high visibility.

You can belong to more than one social site at any point in time. While choosing the social site or sites to join, you should consider whether it will be useful in promoting your business. For example, there is no point in joining a site that is more personal than business oriented. Choose popular blogs or better still create a blog of your own. Choose subjects that pertain to your products and services for blogging and make them keyword rich.

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